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Do LEDs attract insects?

No, they do not. Insects see entirely different spectrums of light so most bugs cannot detect the light that LED’s emit.

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Can I replace all existing bulbs in my house LED’s?

Except for very special cases, LED bulbs can be used in all applications. The principal concern would no longer be performance but bulb aesthetics and size – LED bulbs in particular tend to be longer than incandescent ones- but engineering is improving quite rapidly. Where there was doubt before that LED s could provide the […]

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Are LED and CFL energy saver bulbs both dimmable?

CFL bulbs are not dimmable and usually take up to 30 seconds to get to full illumination. You can purchase LED bulbs which can be dimmable. Check the label carefully. The main problem with dimming LEDs is with the dimmer itself. Many of the regular incandescent dimmers on the market may not dim LEDs smoothly […]

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