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What our clients are saying

At Caribbean Lighting Solutions, we strive to provide amazing services from lighting solutions to lighting auditing and design to every one of our customers in Barbados and around the region.

One of the most challenging parts of our recent renovation was the lighting …. An important finishing touch that you don’t want to get wrong. Not only the question of “will it be too bright or too dim?”, but also all the new styles along with the new technology, “do we need a new bulb or a whole new fitting?” “Will it need to be dimmable”, which means making sure you have a dimmable fitting, as well as a dimmable switch…. It all seems so obvious now, but at the time when you’re also concerned with your roof extensions, choosing the correct tiles that will cover your floors for the next 30 years, as well as getting all your paint colours correct, it became very overwhelming and seeming like there was no one that could bring comfort to all our questions.

Then we met Michael. He not only came with a slew of great ideas, but he was also a great source of the necessary fixtures and fittings at prices below all the other sources. He was always available and gracious enough to help us ‘eat the elephant’ bit by bit over time, even when we made a change or preferred a different option to the one he suggested. I would dare say that our lighting is definitely the perfect ‘finishing touch’ to our beautiful home. Thanks for all your help Michael.

Paul & Lisa Marshall

Caribbean Lighting Solutions carries products that have longevity and are statement pieces. I purchased about $20,000 of interior and exterior lighting for a clients home about six years ago and the products have withstood the test of time, still function perfectly and have never needed maintainence or replacing, other than the standard bulbs. I was impressed by the efficient and timely service and fast response to questions. The management and staff are all very friendly and accommodating, which is important when you are trying to complete the final details on a project. I would recommend this service to friends and colleagues for any lighting needs that they might have.

Julie Chalbaud

On the exclusive island of Mustique in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Nature Care has been developing gardens for some very discerning clients over the past ten years. The landscaping package that is demanded on most of our projects has come to include a lighting component that brings our gardens alive at night and compliments the architecture of the buildings in very tasteful ways.

The design of these lighting schemes can be complex as it must seek to achieve enough light to illuminate the landscape in a functional as well as artistic fashion while ensuring that light sources do not become offensive and that the environment is not compromised. We have worked with Caribbean Lighting Solutions (CLS) on many projects with great success, always satisfying our clients, completing projects on time in difficult conditions and at competitive costs. CLS is a proven lighting design and contracting company, capable of delivering a very high standard service on both large and small projects.​

Russell CorrieManaging DirectorThe Nature Group

I have worked with Caribbean Lighting Solutions on two of my condominium/hotel projects in Barbados. They gave me a coordinated and comprehensive exterior lighting solution for both projects using environmentally friendly energy saving lamps and lighting techniques. I have found them to have extensive knowledge and technical expertise with all types of lighting. They arranged for a careful and professional installation and have always responded promptly to any queries, problems or warranty issues. They also have an extensive knowledge of lighting fixtures and recommended high-quality lights at a reasonable cost. I am happy to recommend them as lighting consultants and designers.

Robin WalcottProperty Developer and Restauranteur