Caribbean Lighting Solutions

Landscape & Exterior Lighting Specialist.

We specialize in the design, specification and supply (and even installation) of all types of exterior lighting (landscape, architectural and area) for homes, businesses, retail spaces, the hotel and hospitality industries and industrial projects.

Our objective is to offer our clients a coordinated and comprehensive lighting solution within an agreed budget.

We have developed unparalleled expertise and technique in the area of landscape and outdoor lighting. We produce environmentally friendly designs and specify fixtures using a combination of lighting techniques that are aimed at glare reduction, preservation of the environment and reduce energy consumption.

Our solutions can include lights for the landscape, patios and decks, driveway and yard, exterior walls, verandahs and architectural features as well as security lighting.

We also incorporate lighting for roadways and parking lots. In Barbados, we have been involved with many commercial, hotel and residential projects, Baobab Office Complex, The Sandpiper, Tamarind Hotel, as well as a variety of very exclusive villas such as Mango Bay House and Heron Bay. We have also worked on hotel, commercial and residential projects in the region in St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent and Mustique.

Our Products

We have over 20 years of experience with all types of lighting and as a result we don’t just sell lighting fixtures, we give advice on how and where to use them!  Our products also carry IP rating.

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